Biological Control

Galerucella release locations
Map of release locations in CT (click to enlarge)

Site Selection


We encourage all Beetle Farmers to release your new generation beetles in local wetlands so that you can visit the site each season to monitor the progress of the beneficial insects in controlling purple loosestrife. In Connecticut we have Federal and State permits in place that allow us to introduce the beetles. A consent form needs to be signed by the property owner or person responsible for each new wetland site to allow the beetles to be released.

One suggestion to assist you in locating a release site is to contact your local Inland Wetlands or Conservation Commission to find areas where purple loosestrife is growing and control of this invasive plant is desired. I also have hundreds of Connecticut field records available for your use that depict where purple loosestrife has been documented in the state. Land trusts and property owners are other good sources of information to use in locating a suitable release site.

Purple Loosestrife location

Any type of wetland with a minimum of one-tenth to one-quarter acre of purple loosestrife can be used as a release site. Wetland habitats may include wet meadows, marshes, and edges of ponds and lakes. Over the years we have found that the beetles, which overwinter underground as adults, will survive best at a site that undergoes some seasonal flooding in the spring, but these insects do not do well at a site with prolonged seasonal flooding.

Benefits of Biological Control
  • Any type of wetland is suitable
  • State land
  • Municipal land
  • Land trust
  • Private property
  • Federal and State permits approved
  • Local consent form requested
  • Available on Beetle Farmer website
  • Signed by property owner or person responsible for site