Biological Control


Releasing at site
Releasing at site


The beetles need a 4 � to 6 week period to complete their life cycle on the sleeve-caged plants. Once the new generation beetles begin to emerge from the soil in the containers, you will observe them crawling on the inside of the cages. At this point, simply transport the containers of purple loosestrife to the release site and remove the sleeve cages. Most of the releases will occur in the first part of July, after school has finished for the year. You can arrange to meet with your students at the release site, or in some situations the containerized plants can be transported to the release site before the end of the school year.

Biological control is a patient process, with large wetlands requiring an average of seven years to significantly reduce purple loosestrife populations. The results will be very rewarding, however, as you witness the gradual return of native wetland flora and the wildlife that it supports.